Having a rugby club quiz night once a quarter can help increase funds at the club and may draw in potentional members to the club. Looking on the Internet there was no guide for rugby’s club on how to prepare and host a quiz night. 

To create a great quiz night at your rugby club, you need to ensure you have at least six teams, a good range of questions and food for people to enjoy.

As the person organising the quiz night the following questions may come to mind in your preparations such as:

How to organise a quiz

What food should you have

What prizes should you have the quiz

How to create a quiz questions

How to Organize a Quiz

The most important part of organising any quiz is to ensure that you get enough teams down to the event. Ideally, teams should be made up of between six and ten individuals and ideally you should have no less than 6 teams, the more the merrier. Due to the numbers required, you need to make members of the club aware that there will be a quiz on your chosen date. Using your email distribution list, announce the date and time of the event and the cost of the event. It’s also important to post regularly on social media to make the wider audience of your club, who may not be members, aware of the quiz. If your rugby club has decided to hold a quiz for a charity this should be included in any correspondence on social media and newsletter.

If the quiz is for a charity, it is important to discuss what money is going to the charity. Usually the money received by the charity would be the admission price, once food had been deducted and any takings from any other events on the night, such as a raffle. If the quiz is not for a charity, then all proceeds will go to the club and this can also be shown on all advertisements.

TIP –  Have a competition for the best quiz name, prehaps for  a bottle of wine or box and choclates, get the compeition going early.


What food should you have?

The descision to be made is whether you buy food in or you make your own food for the quiz. If the charge for the quiz is £10 you would want to keep costs relativly low so that any money left over could be used a prize or be donated to a charity or used by the club.

If the ticket includes food then it is important to consider the cost for this. If the weather is good, there is an option to cook a barbeque or the other alternative which is regularly completed at quiz nights is to have fish chip shops. Talk with your local fish and chip shop and get a group order in which will be discounted due to the number of meals you would be ordering. Push for a further discount if you include the fish chip shop name on all advertisements.

If we were cooking for the quiz look at our article ofn batch cooking at a rugby club. As a bit more money has been spent on a ticket, an attendee would expect:

  • Pie and chips;
  • Fish and chips; and
  • Susage and chips. 
What prizes should be given?

There a number of choices for a quiz organiser to make when then put together a list of quiz prices. Firstly, the club could ask the club sponsors to dontate a prize. These can be collated and given to the teams in first second and third. There tends to be a bottle of wine for the team that finishes last in the club.

Another option is to write to businesses in the local area and explain that the quiz is to support the local rugby club and you would be grateful for a donations to the quiz which in turn will help the rugby club.

TIP – Post pictures of the prize giving on socail media and tage the company in the photo, so that they get the recognition they deserve.

The fee for the club tickets can be used for the prize fund. For example if you had ten teams of six people the total amount, after the food being deducted as £3per head,  would equate to total prize fund of £420. This could be split as follows:

First – £200

Second -£150

Third – £70

Lastly, if the monetary prizes are not appealing you could offer memberships to the winning team or reduced memberships.

You may wish to have a bonus round whereby, there is a question asked and everyone puts their answer in a hat, the  first correct answer out of the hat wins a bottle of wine.

How to create a quiz?

As the organiser for the night you need to prepare the quiz questions. Firstly, you will need to identify:

  • The number of rounds you’ll have
  • The catogries of the rounds
  • The number of questions per round.

A good number of rounds is ten and having ten questions within each round will keep everyone involved. Obviously there will be a varying ages and knowledge of the people who attend the quiz and therefore, you want to include some easy and hard questions.

To break up the quiz it would be worth having a picture round and perhaps a music round if the club has a surround system. The remaining rounds could be any category you desire but it would make sense to include a general rugby round. Here are some category ideas

  • Film
  • Tv
  • Rugby
  • History
  • Landmarks
  • Current affairs
  • Showbiz
  • Sport

To make a quiz exciting it would be a good idea to have a joker card, whereby each team can player their joker to score double points for that round. This means a team which is a bit behind can be propelled forward if they have a good round and have played their joker.

There should be one or two tough questions within the round. How do you stop people cheating. If the quiz master has a reasonable pace people will not be able to check their phones. Phones should be kept in bags and pockets and if anyone is found cheating on their phone there will be a donation to the quiz or deducted points.

The most likely round where there will be cheating the picture round, therefore rather than celebrities faces it may be better to do photo albums with a blur over the image or face mash.

As you can see from the below, bluring the image makes the quiz that little bit more tricky and the pictures would be useless on a mobile picture therefore, the likelihood of anyone cheating is low.